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A look back at one year of xRapid in Papua, Indonesia

In a recent interview, Digicape Managing Director Robin Olivier stated that his company, xRapid’s distributor in South Africa, “is proud to be supporting the innovative work that xRapid has put into developing the solution that is so simple to use but also empowering to the health care and aid workers, patients, families, and communities”. In […]

African leaders adopt roadmap to eliminate malaria

Last month, the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) endorsed a new roadmap to eliminate malaria by 2030. Founded in 2009, ALMA is a coalition of 49 African heads of state and government working to eliminate this dreadful disease. “Today, Africa’s leaders have again shown their commitment to the fight to end malaria, HIV/AIDS, and TB by […]

Fancy trying our new automated Plasmodium identifier?

After developing the first version of xRapid-Lab in partnership with few Tropical Medicine Institutes, xRapid would be delighted to provide you with the Plasmodium identifier for free and as long as you need. Comments and suggestions will be welcomed in order to develop a new version that will match every researcher’s identification and counting needs. […]

Malaria control initiatives: a focus on Tanzania

Malaria is a major public health problem in Tanzania, all residents are at a risk of infection. WHO estimates that 60 000 to 80 000 malaria deaths occur annually, among all ages. Tanzania has long been committed to the fight against this dreadful disease, especially in the semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar. Since 2006, the prevalence […]

New iOS developer to join xRapid’s team

We are happy to report that Daniel Schmidt has joined our team. He is a young developer with experience both in back- and front-end development and has followed the first experimental Apple developer curriculum in Brazil. « I am very happy to join a company such as xRapid who combine both tech and medical engineering in its […]

Anti-malarial drug resistance on the Thai-Myanmar border

Malaria is a treatable disease, but in a certain part of South East Asia anti-malarial drugs are becoming less effective as time passes by. Wellcome, a British biomedical research charity conducted a study on the Thailand-Myanmar border in partnership with Shakolo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU) clinics. After 10 years and 1.005 patients with uncomplicated Plasmodium […]

A disruptive tool to assist researchers in labs

Thanks to a combined effort of governments, researchers, industries and non-governmental organisations progress have been made in malaria research. The world continues however to face many challenges: from anti-malarial drug and vaccine to insecticide resistance. In laboratories, research is making use of cultures of parasites: this involves long and tedious workflows that are somewhat different […]

xRapid’s live demo at Health 2.0 Europe

On may 11th, Jean Viry-Babel, xRapid’s CEO, performed a live demo of the automated diagnostic app at Health 2.0. Hear from him on how to effectively bring and implement digital health solutions into emerging markets during the “Health 2.0 Applications in Emerging markets” panel.

xRapid is strengthening its partnership with VSO Malawi

For several months xRapid, the automated diagnostic app has been collaborating with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), a major charity in the fields of education, healthcare and poverty alleviation. This NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) works in 25 developing countries and with 542 local partners. The VSO Malawi branch was referred to us by our Apple partner through […]