xRapid installs its R&D Centre in the south of France

xRapid has chosen to install its R&D Centre within the business incubator of the prestigious french engineer school “École des Mines de Saint-Étienne” in Gardanne, near Marseille.

“It’s a dynamic economic environment that relies on a strong industrial base and school talents, just one hour away from London” explained Jean Viry-Babel, xRapid’s CEO.

Installing xRapid’s labs on a school campus is an excellent overall strategy for the internationally based startup. Indeed, it allows them to have access to a wide range of scientific equipment, along with fully motivated and highly qualified students.

The offices opened in October 2016 and the team now consists of two full-time researchers, one assistant and five engineer students actively working on xRapid’s applications. The R&D team is currently developing a new product. We will let you know more about this project in due time…

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