xRapid-Malaria: 1 year of automatically diagnosing malaria

xRapid-malaria journey in the field began with a nurse in Papua. Despite the hostile environment and the lack of infrastructure, she was able to save a three-day-old baby by trusting the accurateness of the automated diagnostic app.

Being able to use xRapid to know if malaria is involved helps relieve some of my stress when trying to treat patients with limited diagnostic resources, plus appropriate treatment can be given.” – Nurse

One year later, 15 592 tests have been sold, and 11 countries are using xRapid-Malaria on a daily basis. In 2016, xRapid started new clinical studies in West Africa and signed with distributors in South Africa and South East Asia.


We need health care solutions in Africa that are designed with the continent’s people and circumstances in mind. Digicape is proud to be supporting the innovative work that xRapid has put into developing the solution that is so simple to use but also empowering to the health care and aid workers, patients, families, and communities.” – Robin Olivier, Managing Director of Digicape.

Improving diagnostic is an important breakthrough in the management of any disease. xRapid-Malaria brings together the strengths of existing methods while avoiding the flaws. Its costs per test are far below current methods, diagnoses are achieved in a fraction of the time, there are no waste and field workers can easily be trained.

“xRapid is highly appealing to me as it is creating a valuable shift in population health around the globe, utilising standard mobile technology to deliver rapid, accessible diagnostic testing at a trifling cost. xRapid is well positioned for impact across the world and transverses the spectrum of healthcare and economic variances.” –Charlyn Belluzzo, Board Member and Clinical Director.

A year after its first release, xRapid wants to deepen its contribution by assisting labs in their research on malaria. Its new app, xRapid-Lab captures and analyses images from thin blood slides giving, in less than 2 minutes, a detail report for each of the samples tested. This new tool offers an easy to track Plasmodium culture.

Few Tropical Research Institutes already tested xRapid-Lab beta version.Thanks to their insights the automated Plasmodium counter will soon go live on the Appstore!