A look back at one year of xRapid in Papua, Indonesia

In a recent interview, Digicape Managing Director Robin Olivier stated that his company, xRapid’s distributor in South Africa, “is proud to be supporting the innovative work that xRapid has put into developing the solution that is so simple to use but also empowering to the health care and aid workers, patients, families, and communities”. In order to develop a product that is tuned to its user, xRapid works indeed in close partnership with early adopters.

In a previous post, xRapid introduced you to a health practitioner who work in Papua, the easternmost province of Indonesia. Despite the unfavourable environment:  unstable internet, short medical supplies, no infrastructures, the nurse is still providing health care services to the local communities. One year ago, she decided to fight malaria on a deeper level by incorporating xRapid-Malaria into her daily nurse routine.

The automated diagnostic test is particularly helpful in times of emergency or epidemic, as it is right now in the era. Malaria cases have been increasing due to the strike of a strep infection which weakens the immune system. The nurse declared that while she was diagnosing one of her patient with the automated diagnostic test: “In one of the fields (out of 10) the malaria parasite total was 900. Yes, the patient was very ill. Most of my patients of last week came up positive for P. falciparum”.


As usual, she was the first to test the new version of xRapid-Malaria. She thought that the thick smear option was more fitted to her work. “Well, I was never an expert at doing a thin blood slide, so it’s great to have the option of a thick smear. It works way better for me as I run a clinic, where people are not just sick with malaria. It allows me to process the slides later one; as opposed to being a lab technician who can process the slides immediately.”.

We look forward to collaborating with her on the future versions of xRapid-Malaria app.

To be continued…

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