xRapid is strengthening its partnership with VSO Malawi

For several months xRapid, the automated diagnostic app has been collaborating with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), a major charity in the fields of education, healthcare and poverty alleviation. This NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) works in 25 developing countries and with 542 local partners. The VSO Malawi branch was referred to us by our Apple partner through their Worldwide Education Strategic Initiatives Group.

The Rainy season results in an increase in malaria cases. According to the World Health Organisation, 3 million out of the 16 million inhabitants contracted malaria in 2013. During malaria season, the need for a reliable, accurate and fast diagnostic tool is key.

On the 3rd of June, we started testing with VSO Malawi at CHAM (Christian Health Association of Malawi) Hospital, Lilongwe. Thanks to xRapid-Malaria they will be able to double their testing capacity and save even more lives.

We are delighted to work with such a dedicated NGO and especially with  Dario Gentili, Country Director, Temwa Kasakula, Senior Program Manager, Symon Nayupe, lab technician, and all the team. Their devotion to fighting malaria is a great source of hope!

You can watch the training video here:

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