xRapid-Lab: A revolution in automated slides counting

Imagine counting 1.000 RBCs, all the young rings, the trophozoites and the schizonts in less than a minute.

Several researchers have requested a system similar to xRapid to characterise their cultures of Plasmodium – a tedious, cumbersome and repetitive task. We are happy to bring them xRapid-Lab, a natural extension of our app xRapid-Malaria, tuned to their needs.

Using a system of pattern recognition, xRapid-Lab can count all the red blood cells and parasites of all stages faster than a human eye. The xRapid automated counter captures and analyses images from thin blood slides giving, in less than 2 minutes, a detail report for each of the samples tested. xRapid-Lab offers an easy way to track a synchronous or an asynchronous cultures.

« Specifically, we had to go back to our AI engine and improve it for the detection of stages of development of the Plasmodium parasite rarely seen in patients blood (schizonts of p. Falciparum come to mind). I find it very exciting, as we are learning a lot from those special cases, and will be able to feedback that expertise at counting to better our diagnostic tool in the near future. » – Pr Mendels, xRapid’s CTO.


Contact the sales team for your free trial of xRapid-Lab: sales@xrapid.com


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