Barefoot College, latest client of xRapid the Automated Diagnostic App

xRapid is thrilled to partner with Barefoot College in their fight against Malaria in India and Africa.

Founded in 1972 by Bunker Roy, Barefoot College has been providing basic services and solutions to problems in rural areas with the objective of making the communities self-sufficient and sustainable. Since its creation their health care programme has provided basic health services to more than 150 villages in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The Non Governmental Organization plans to train grandmothers on using the xRapid mhealth app so they can diagnose easily, quickly and accurately malaria patients within their communities.

xRapid won the Audience Choice Award at the Pistoia Alliance Mini Startup Challenge

On April 19th, xRapid won the Audience Choice Award at the Pistoia Alliance Mini Startup Challenge.

« We are pleased that the members of the Pistoia Alliance were able to see the potential of the xRapid Automated Diagnostic App. This event has been a great platform to showcase our innovative technology in front of the pharmaceutical industry. » – Jean Viry-Babel, xRapid CEO

« Supporting start-up companies is a crucial component of the Pistoia Alliance’s future strategy. Start-ups are one of the best sources for innovation, and I am delighted to say our finalists this year did not disappoint. We have had an incredible range of companies enter, with new techniques in medicine, research, public health and agriculture all competing.” – Steve Arlington, Pistoia Alliance President

You can read the full article here.

Digicape, xRapid’s new distributor for southern Africa

xRapid is pleased to announce its new distributor in South Africa: Digicape

Digicape is the largest independent Apple retailer in the region and will cover South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique. xRapid, the automated malaria diagnostic app will now be part of Digicape’s new solution for healthcare providers: Digipulse.

After Benin, Thailand, The Philippines and Indonesia, we are proud to expand our distribution network to all of the South of Africa.

For more local information, please contact:

xRapid#TB – Calling testing partners for automated tuberculosis diagnostic

The xRapid diagnostic platform is entering a new phase in its development. After successfully deploying xRapid#Malaria, we are looking for scientific and commercial partners for xRapid#TB.

The digital image processing and artificial image of xRapid, used in our malaria detection kit, offer a large number of other disease diagnosis opportunities. Recently, we have tuned our algorithms to detect yet another killer: mycobacterium tuberculosis.

At the moment, the xRapid platform is able to diagnose active tuberculosis cases, where blood containing sputum is stained with the traditional Ziehl-Neelsen method. We successfully tested xRapid#TB on a limited set of slides ranging from negative to more than 100 000 bacilli.

In order to further develop our e-health app and protocols, we are currently seeking partners who would like to use the kit (still a simple iPhone and adapter on your microscope) in its alpha and beta versions.


This is the chance to be at the beginning of our next adventure!


xRapid at Health 2.0 Europe, Barcelona, May 11th 2016

xRapid has been selected to showcase the xRapid Automated Diagnostic Platform in the seventh edition of Health 2.0 Europe. This convention, the gathering of e-health, m-health champions, will be held in Barcelona for three days from may 10th to may 12th and will feature the newest technologies in healthcare.

The disruption, reliability and portability of xRapid have drawn the attention of the Health 2.0 community who invited us to demonstrate our automated diagnostic app. On may 11th, xRapid’s CEO, Jean Viry-Babel, will perform a live demo at the “Health 2.0 Applications in Emerging markets” panel.

You will find all the relevant information here.