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There is never a wrong time to learn more about Malaria, particularly when you are working for xRapid. At the same time, iTunes U is an ideal vector for training our users and updating the resources made available to them. So, we are happy to announce that we have opened, together with Surya University, the xRapid & Malaria course, in both English and French.

You can subscribe to these courses in iTunes U at the following links:

At the moment, you will find the protocols to make a thin or thick blood smears, all illustrated, together with the manual and app guides. We have also uploaded a presentation that was given at the 41st International Congress of Military Medicine (Bali, Indonesia, May 2015) by Prof. David Mendels, our CTO. iTunes U also features a forum, per course, which can be used to discuss some of the aspects of our technology.

We are currently organizing some of the important material we have gathered during the course of research and training on xRapid, so these iTunes U channels should be updated monthly. You will also find author-prepared preprints of scientific publications as soon as we can make them available to the general public.

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